We coat your sculpture in two coats of rubber, thin and thick, to ensure every detail of your sculpture is covered. To strengthen this, we paint over three layers of fibreglass. Your original sculpture is then taken out of the mould ready for casting.


The next stage in the process is casting. To cast your sculpture we separate the mould into the sections it was moulded in and paint it in a coat of bronze, iron, marble (or any other finish you require). This is then backed up by fiberglass so it’s strong and durable, and then either left hollow, or for smaller sculptures, filled with a with a stone resin to add weight.


To finish, we sand down and fettle any seams and touch up any blemishes. The most artistic stage of our process is when we add the patina to the bronze by using a mix of chemicals and polishing up to achieve the shine that you want. We can also fix your sculpture onto a base; there’s a huge range of finishes, so have a look at our gallery and see what’s right for you.
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